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Stephanie DeHaro, RN-BSN

Stephanie, originally from Northern California, obtained her Diploma of Nursing in 2008 and continued on with the completion of her BSN from GCU in 2010. She worked bedside for 12 years and absolutely loved what she did, from the people she cared for to the staff that became her family. During that time, she had 2 beautiful girls with the love of her life (who also happens to be a physician) and wanted to spend the most time she could with them. Aesthetics was ALWAYS an interest of hers and in 2019 she made the leap and became trained in cosmetic injectables. Stephanie built her foundation in Aesthetics at Wellness clinic in Phoenix, to  then injecting solo at a private suite. She is continuously learning to stay up to date with the latest techniques and trends in the industry. Her passion is to help clients look and feel their Absolute best in their own skin through enhancing their natural beauty and improving their sense of well-being.