Aging or ptosis may cause droopy eyelids, but there is an answer. The FDA approved the prescription medication, Upneeq, to improve the appearance of drooping eyelids. This prescription eyedrop is a daily drop to lift the upper eyelid’s muscle. Once the upper eyelid is lifted, the eyes appear much more open.

Upneeq contains 0.1% oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution. This chemical, Oxymetazoline, is an ingredient in nasal decongestant sprays to open blocked passages. However, when used in Upneeq, it causes the upper eyelid muscle to contract. This contraction causes a subtle lifting effect and opens the eye wider.

Visible improvement in opening the eyelid is seen within 15 minutes of application. The lifting effect lasts 8 hours.

Ptosis or low-lying or droopy eyelids can be genetic or congenital ptosis, aging or acquired ptosis, or caused by:

  • Cataract surgery or LASIK
  • Eye injuries searing contact lenses
  • Migrating Botox
  • Other medical conditions

Upneeq was developed to treat acquired ptosis, the most common cause of droopy eyelids. As we age, the skin loses structural proteins like elastin and collagen that provide elasticity in the eyelids. Elasticity is necessary for the eyelids to lift properly. The pull of gravity as you age, plus the loss of elasticity, causes the upper eyelid to droop over the eye. Acquired ptosis is a cosmetic concern, but drooping eyelids can also impair vision.

Upneeq has proven safe and effective and improves the appearance of the upper eyelid and your vision scope. You may see an uplift in your upper eyelids within 15 minutes. In fact, some patients saw an improvement in droopy eyelids in only five minutes.

Upneeq Before and After

Are there side effects to Upneeq?

Upneeq can cause eye inflammation or irritation, redness, dry eye, headaches, redness in the lining, and eye pain.

How many times do I use Upneeq?

Upneeq is only to be used once a day. Consult your healthcare professional about how long you may need to use Upneeq.

Can Upneeq cause rebound redness?

Upneeq can lead to rebound redness that also occurs with Visine or over-the-counter eye drops. Rebound redness is persistent, but it will disappear in time.

How much does Upneeq cost?

Ask your board-certified cosmetic provider for a full range of costs and treatment options.

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