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Going bald isn’t an option that most men are ready to accept. Hair loss treatments, including pills, liquids, steroids, and surgery, are the popular options for men who want to keep their mane or beards healthy. One of these popular hair loss treatments that men can try out is the Natural Growth Factor Injections treatment which can also restore facial hair.

You probably heard of this treatment before, and it is often known as the “vampire facial.” It is a skin treatment that uses your blood to help you achieve that glowing and youthful complexion. But can beard restoration Natural Growth Factor Injections help you fix your beard growth issue? Let’s find out!


The awkward gaps in your beard and in between your mustache are a frustrating sight to look at. There are several reasons why your beard is patchy. But one thing is sure; they don’t have to be permanent.

A patchy beard should be the least of your problems. However, having underlying health conditions or even dental issues linked to your autoimmune system might cause your beard’s patchy growth. Here’s how can you say goodbye to a patchy beard:

  • Shave: Starting with a clean slate is the way to help you re-grow your beard so that you may assess the situation. It’s a possibility that you may have a patchy beard because your hairs are at all different lengths.
  • Let it grow: Give your beard some time to develop. You may be tempted to experiment with trimmings and different beard designs, but try your best to leave it alone.
  • Be patient: Give your beard some time to grow and wait for a few months before making any sort of judgment on your beard’s growth process.
  • Care for your beard: Caring for your beard means that you need to integrate a combination of healthy hygiene habits and washi your beard regularly.
  • Even it out: Another solution that you can do is to trim the more extended areas down to the shorter ones. Saying goodbye to a patchy beard can be achieved by carefully using a comb and hair shears.

If you always have a patchy beard, even after trying the steps mentioned above, you need to seek assistance from a professional doctor.


Patchy beard isn’t new, and men can now access treatments that will help them grow a thick one. One of the options that are pretty popular right now is the Natural Growth Factor Injections treatment. So what is a Natural Growth Factor Injections treatment, and how does it help in giving men a thick beard?

Natural Growth Factor Injections treatments enhance hair restoration and other cosmetic procedures. This hair restoration procedure requires your blood. Natural Growth Factor Injections treatments are minimally invasive, and it produces gradual and noticeable results.


Beard restoration Natural Growth Factor Injections uses your blood to stimulate stem cells in the area, which triggers healthy hair growth and starts with a blood withdrawal. Once your surgeon has a small sample of your blood, they will place it in a device called a centrifuge. This device will separate the red blood cells from the plasma and the growth factors in your blood.

After that, your doctor will inject it into the critical areas of your face. Once the plasma and growth factors are injected into the critical areas of your face and jaw where you want to restore the expected growth of your beard, it will activate the rejuvenation process, which in turn will stimulate the hair follicles.

The platelets will break down and release their growth factors. This will trigger the natural process of cell proliferation and tissue renewal. The Natural Growth Factor Injections procedure takes about 30 minutes, and most patients can resume their normal activities afterward.


As a potential patient for the procedure, you must ensure that your doctor is aware of any prescriptions and over-the-counter medications that you’re using. It is also essential to take note of your doctor’s instructions regarding medications that might prolong bleeding.

When used to treat hair loss and facial hair loss, patients should have their hair on the day of the treatment. Since this treatment involves drawing blood, it is also essential that you eat a meal before the procedure to avoid lightheadedness.


The patient should avoid washing the treated area for the first 48 hours. After that, it is alright to use hair and skincare products and continue with the medications. After the treatment, you will experience soreness in the treated area for two or three days. You may also notice some bruising.

After taking the Natural Growth Factor Injections treatment, the patient must immediately notify the doctor’s office in case of severe pain. Patients who want to dye their hair can color their hair a week later after the treatment. The effects of the treatment can be noticeable after six months. The downside is that you need to repeat treatments to maintain the improvement in your hair’s growth and texture.


Natural Growth Factor Injections involve injecting a substance into your skin. Patients might experience potential side effects. Natural Growth Factor Injections is autologous, which means that it contains substances that come directly from your own body. It reduces the possible risk of experiencing allergic reactions, which can occur from injecting other medications.

However, patients will still experience possible risks from the injection itself, such as:

  • infection
  • pain at the injection site
  • nerve injuries
  • tissue damage

Before taking Natural Growth Factor Injections treatment, you should discuss the potential risks with your doctor and your doctor’s steps to minimize the possible risks after the procedure.


Natural Growth Factor Injections was initially developed to enhance healing for people recovering from injuries or those who have undergone reconstructive surgery. It accelerates healing in muscles, tendons, and joints.

Natural Growth Factor Injections injections are safe as there is no risk of an immune response because the plasma comes from the patient’s blood. The only downside that a patient might experience after the treatment is infection.

Natural Growth Factor Injections can help you grow your facial hair, and they can also increase the diameter of follicles and the density of hair growth. If you wanted to try out this treatment, it is best to discuss your plans with a surgeon who has expertise in injecting Natural Growth Factor Injections.

Follow your doctor’s recommendations for how often you can have Natural Growth Factor Injections. The results of the procedure will vary depending on your hair condition. It is best to seek other options if your facial hair loss problem isn’t as severe as you thought it might be. Book an appointment with clinics such as Method Aesthetics Scottdale to be confident that you’re in good hands.

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