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At Method Aesthetics in Scottsdale, Arizona, we offer the most advanced facials and skin rejuvenating technologies on the market. The Unicorn Facial, also called the PRX-T33 peel, is an all-in-one solution to your toughest skin concerns. To learn more about our best skin solutions, call our Scottsdale office today or book an appointment online.

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How Does the Unicorn Facial Work?

Traditional chemical peels exfoliate the surface of the skin, causing it to peel and reveal healthy new skin underneath. PRX-T33 is a unique medical-grade TCA (trichloroacetic) peel that causes no damage to the outer surface of your skin. It penetrates almost instantly to deeper levels of your skin, where it renews, regenerates, and stimulates collagen and elastin production. In many ways, it’s considered a “non-peeling peel.”

The PRX-T33 bio revitalizer peel contains kojic acid (which helps deal with pigmentation issues) and 33% TCA. PRX-T33 also consists of hydrogen peroxide that modifies the skin barrier and helps promote penetration without pain and harm to the skin. In short, the ingredients in PRX-T33 provide the benefits of a TCA peel without discomfort and peeling.

The Unicorn Facial combines PRX-T33 with microneedling. PRX-T33 and microneedling application techniques allow solutions to penetrate deep into your dermis, where collagen and elastin are triggered. In addition to the regeneration of collagen and elastin, you experience deep hydration. The entire treatment leaves your skin looking smoother, tighter, and more vibrant.

What Does the Unicorn Facial Treat?

TCA is often used to treat hyperpigmentation, acne scars, fine lines, melasma, and sun damage. This formulation is safe for all skin types when handled by a certified aesthetician. The Unicorn Facial improves aging, skin texture, dullness, and laxity, and helps decrease wrinkles and fine lines. Best of all, it provides incredible results without skin damage or downtime.

Am I A Candidate for the Unicorn Facial?

The Unicorn Facial is an advanced peel that can benefit any skin type or tone. Because there’s no risk of hyperpigmentation, it’s one of the best options available for patients who aren’t otherwise good candidates for chemical peels or laser peels because of their skin tone. If you have certain skin conditions, you may not be a good candidate for the Unicorn Facial. During a consultation, our aesthetic experts will help you determine whether this option is right for you.

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Got an IV from Tatum yesterday at the first sign of some cold symptoms and she made it so quick and comfortable! She made sure I was well informed on what the IV had and how it could help my symptoms.

I had a fantastic experience with the extremely knowledgeable injector nurse, Alyssa, at this clinic! They were extremely skilled and guided me through a personalized skincare routine that already shown great results.

I was in need of a little confidence boost and went to Stephanie for a Botox treatment. She spent the time explaining every area of treatment and the results I could expect. Fast forward 2 years and I keep coming back to her because she makes me look and feel my best!


What is the Recovery Period Like After the Unicorn Facial?

You may experience a slight stinging feeling during the application, and there may be some redness visible right after treatment. Treatment can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the treated areas. Results are noticeable immediately after the first treatment, with a more luminous, youthful look to the skin. However, a series of four treatments every three or four weeks is recommended to reach your goals and have long-reaching results. Our aesthetic experts will help you put together a personalized treatment package and treatment schedule so you understand what to expect.

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