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Almost three million filler injections are performed each year, and that number is rising as people discover the possibilities. At Method Aesthetics in Scottsdale, Arizona, we provide filler injections to rejuvenate your skin with soft, natural results that eliminate the signs of aging. To talk with us about your options for getting rid of wrinkles and rejuvenating your appearance, call Method Aesthetics or reserve an appointment online today.

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What Are Fillers?

While many people primarily associate wrinkles with aging, volume loss is another major change that affects your youthful appearance and can result from changes to the skin, fat pads, muscle, and bone structure. Fillers help restore volume and smooth skin so you can look your best.

We inject the fillers beneath your skin to revitalize it with soft, natural results. The fillers themselves are gels made from hyaluronic acid, calcium, or other sugars, that are naturally occurring in our body. By injecting them in targeted locations, We have a quick, effective way to restore volume or age-related changes and diminish deep wrinkles.

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What are My Options for Fillers?

Method Aesthetics Scottsdale offers the latest and most effective fillers on the market.


This line of fillers contains specialty products for different targeted areas and goals. These include Juvederm Ultra, Ultra Plus, Volbella, and Voluma. Their main ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a sugar that is naturally found in the skin and provides both hydration and structure. These fillers last for 6-12 months or longer and are typically used in the temples, cheeks, smile lines, lips, jawline, and chin.


Radiesse is a calcium-based filler that is kind of a hybrid of Sculptra and hyaluronic acid fillers. Radiesse can be used for cheek or jawline structure and volume or it can be used as a collagen stimulator, like Sculptra. Radiesse is also great for lines and wrinkles on the neck (“tech neck”) and chest, cellulite, and sagging skin.


Sculptra is a different type of filler that is made out of a different naturally occurring sugar called poly-L-lactic acid or PLLA. The purpose of Sculptra is to stimulate collagen—rather than just adding temporary volume—making it an anti-aging filler. Sculptra is typically injected over a wide area including temples, cheeks, lower face, and chin to provide natural volume, strengthen the skin, and give your skin a little bit of a glow. Typically, 2-3 treatments are needed upfront with 1 treatment every 1-2 years for maintenance.


Like Juvederm, Restylane is another line of hyaluronic acid fillers including Restylane-L, Refyne, Kysse, Defyne, and Lyft. They last for 6-12 months or longer. Restylane fillers can be used in the same areas as Juvederm but can also be used in the tear troughs or under the eye area.

Revanesse® Versa™

Radiesse is a calcium-based filler that is kind of a hybrid of Sculptra and hyaluronic acid fillers. Radiesse can be used for cheek or jawline structure and volume or it can be used as a collagen stimulator, like Sculptra. Radiesse is also great for lines and wrinkles on the neck (“tech neck”) and chest, cellulite, and sagging skin.

Restylane® Contour

Restylane Contour, Galderma’s new injectable dermal filler for cheek enhancement, has received FDA approval as of June 29, 2021. The hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable Restylane Contour can correct midface deficiencies and be injected directly into the cheek area to add shapeliness. Restylane Contour is a flexible smooth gel that integrates with your skin and gives you the natural results you want. Of course, no one will know you have had a filler injected.

Restylane contour will allow injectors to give you the option for beautiful enhancements that are subtle. Restylane Contour is forgiving and allows you to have dynamic expressions and fullness in the midface area. The product is formulated with Galderma’s XpressHAn Technology® for the cheeks. This manufacturing process uses a unique process that creates a smooth injectable gel, integrates into the skin, and gives you natural and dynamic expressions.

Those treated with Restylane Contour require fewer injectable products to achieve optimal results. In clinical trials, injectors used four syringes of Restylane Contour compared to five syringes of a comparable product. In addition, Restylane Contour gives you contour and flexibility. Many volume-adding fillers lead to stiff-looking faces and unnaturally full checks. Contour has the flexibility to give natural results. Galderma, the developer, stresses that Contour will preserve natural expressions and facial dynamics without looking artificial.

Restylane Contour is different because it is a unique blend of viscosity and flexibility. This results in a soft and natural cheek look. You will never look stiff when using Restylane Contour. Patients in Europe who have used this produce (under a different name) have experienced natural volume for over one year. The product uses lidocaine anesthetic already in the product to minimize potential discomfort.

To determine whether Restylane Contour is right for you, contact your professional injector or aesthetician for a consultation. They know what you need and will help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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Got an IV from Tatum yesterday at the first sign of some cold symptoms and she made it so quick and comfortable! She made sure I was well informed on what the IV had and how it could help my symptoms.

I had a fantastic experience with the extremely knowledgeable injector nurse, Alyssa, at this clinic! They were extremely skilled and guided me through a personalized skincare routine that already shown great results.

I was in need of a little confidence boost and went to Stephanie for a Botox treatment. She spent the time explaining every area of treatment and the results I could expect. Fast forward 2 years and I keep coming back to her because she makes me look and feel my best!


How Can Fillers Rejuvenate My Skin?

Fillers are a safe, convenient, minimally invasive treatment that can deliver soft, natural results for a variety of needs. By hand-selecting Juvéderm, Restylane, Sculptra, Radiesse, or Versa products for your skin’s unique needs, We can:

  • Plump your lips
  • Reshape or define your lips
  • Volumize your cheeks
  • Add volume to your temples
  • Slightly lift your facial tissues
  • Improve contour in your cheeks or jawline
  • Improve the projection of your chin
  • Smooth creases in your chin
  • Diminish deep scars
  • Smooth wrinkles
  • Make your face more symmetrical

We also perform liquid face-lifts using fillers, a procedure that recontours and volumizes your face in multiple areas for a subtle, refreshed look. During your consultation, We personalize the right filler treatment for your goals. You’ll see your results right away following your injection appointment.

Keep in mind that filler injections often cause bruising and swelling for a few days to weeks. It usually takes about 3 weeks to see the final result. After filler injections, you will need to avoid exercise for 24-48 hours and make up for 4 hours.

Prior to your appointment, it is recommended that you avoid alcohol for a couple of days as well as medications and supplements that could make you bleed more, unless medically necessary. These include Advil, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, fish oil, and turmeric.

To learn more about each of your dermal filler options, call the office or click to book a consultation at Method Aesthetics Scottsdale today.

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