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Dealing with constant hair loss issues and tried diverse methods for stopping and gaining back the lost hair without any success? Don’t worry, you are not alone dealing with androgenetic alopecia – a pattern of male and female baldness. Hair loss can be highly annoying particularly from a view of denting self-esteem and social interactions. There is one thing to be happy about – NATURAL GROWTH FACTOR INJECTIONS hair restoration, a proven method for stopping hair loss.


  • Before deep-diving into the working of Natural Growth Factor Injections, it is key to know the role played by platelets during the natural healing process. Platelets are natural blood components, along with plasma, red and white blood cells. As a person has a wound, these platelets arrive initially at the site to block the bleeding and initiate healing.
  • Platelets are key blood components that stimulate cell growth and regeneration. In similarity with the phrase “Natural Growth Factor Injections”, platelets are typically about five times more concentrated in Natural Growth Factor Injections than in regular blood. This high concentration of platelets is highly useful, as the platelets are responsible for the abundance of growth factors that will be helpful in the healing and regrowth of tissues.
  • The treatment comprises an abundance of growth aspects that are the main contributors in the tissue repair. Natural Growth Factor Injections were initially used in treating injuries related to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, mainly for individuals with injuries from sports. As a majority of natural hair loss happens due to hair follicle damage, scientists thought that this treatment could aid in regrowing the hair by reversing the process that happens in cases like androgenetic alopecia. After the success, the treatment is widely used as a procedure in hair restoration.
  • Studies implied that if these concentrated platelets could be extracted and administered into damaged regions of the body, they have the probability of enhanced healing. To generate Natural Growth Factor Injections, a medical expert will draw a small sample of blood and place it into a centrifugal device. This machine will spin at a fast pace separating the blood components. This separated concentration is carefully used to extracts the platelets for the procedure.


  • Natural Growth Factor Injections Hair Restoration is a Natural Growth Factor Injections administration of especially concentrated solution into target regions of the scalp, to aid in encouraging new hair growth and renew the existing hair follicles. This procedure comprises drawing the patient’s blood, spinning it to separate the plasma and administer that concentrated plasma into the scalp. This process has the highest probability of regrowing the lost hair, reduce thinning, enhance the hair growth which is thick and strong quality hair.
  • The process of drawing blood is similar to normal blood testing and is taken from the body and is specifically prepared by spinning down the blood cells to a high concentration. The highly concentrated (Natural Growth Factor Injections) is injected slowly into the scalp followed by cleansing the hair there will be no requirement for any assistance for going back home. It is beneficial as there will be no sedative medication during the procedure to cause any risk while driving.
  • There is pain or any discomfort during the treatment. As the blood is drawn from the veins, it will feel just like the blood is drawn for a test and there will only be minor pinching during the needle insertion.

Are NATURAL GROWTH FACTOR INJECTIONS effective for hair loss?

Being an innovative treatment, researchers are on the verge of collecting long-term information to know the options of new and continuous hair regrowth with the treatment. Several experts are using this treatment in combination with other hair loss treatments or medication. But clinical evidence shows that the treatment can reverse hair loss and encourage natural hair growth. Majority of Natural Growth Factor Injections research of analyzing the patients for up to six months after this treatment. But it is only true for individuals who associate with the board-certified specialist have seen successful results. As they are well-versed with the consequences and effects of healing and regrowth of hair follicles, they can help more individuals safely to their natural and youthful look via Natural Growth Factor Injections.

How Long Does it Last?

  • The treatment is not a direct cure for underlying issues that cause hair loss. Due to this, a person would require to get several Natural Growth Factor Injections treatments for some time to preserve these hair growth outcomes. It is similar is true of medications used to resolve androgenetic alopecia, like topical minoxidil (Regaine) and oral finasteride (Propecia).
  • The follow-up sessions for administering Natural Growth Factor Injections will differ relying on the overall health condition and the outcomes of their initial treatment. Your specialist doctor usually will recommend having maintenance sessions every 3 to 6 months once hair loss is measured.
  • If there is no proper analysis and treatment for the root cause of the hair loss, there will be limited hair growth after completing the treatment, but hair fall continues at other parts of the scalp. Few hair loss causes cannot be resolved completely but can be significantly treated via therapy under expert supervision.
  • So, until there is a proper treatment for the underlying cause of hair loss problems, there will be a need for follow-up treatments as per scheduled intervals. Several studies imply that you can expect the advantages of this treatment to remain for many years if the underlying cause is treated properly. Hence, your association with a trained professional is important and can make or break the whole treatment.

Final Thoughts:

Researchers have found evidence that Natural Growth Factor Injections Hair restoration treatment can promote hair growth renewal. Even though with limited evidence, it has shown positive effects if performed under the guidance of an expert skin specialist like Method aesthetics who employs the Eclipse Gold Natural Growth Factor Injections System. It is a closed sterile system and the platelets are concentrated to 3X than the normal blood values that avoid granulocytes which damage revival of tissue and ideal wound healing. Method aesthetics offers great quality anti-aging and aesthetic treatments with optimal customer care.

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