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If you have lost your butt shape and contour due to weight loss, sickness, or you do not like your behind, there are ways to get that attractive derriere you want. One way is surgery, where the tissue is not actually “lifted” but implants or adipose tissue (fat) is placed in your buttocks to increase the volume and size of the area.

If surgery does not sound appealing, specific exercises are designed to lift and shape your derriere. There is also shapewear that can help. However, exercise takes too long, and shapewear never looks natural.  Call the office or make an appointment online today.


Try Sculptra, a dermal filler that triggers collagen growth in your skin. Sculptra is injected into your buttocks to add definition and volume. By using Sculptra, there are no fat transfers, implants, or surgery.  Sculptra is a water-based injectable using Poly-L-lactic acid or PLLA. PLLA is a bio-activator, triggers collagen production, and restores volume to the treated area.

A Sculptra butt lift will provide you with:

  • No surgery, post-treatment, pain, sutures, or scars,
  • A minimally invasive treatment
  • No downtime
  • A subtle lift giving volume to your buttocks,
  • Natural and gorgeous results.

Lidocaine is added to Sculptra for extra injection comfort. Your injector will use a tiny needle to inject Sculptra into the areas of your butt where you want more volume.

Sculptra injections take at least an hour, and you may need 2-3 treatments to achieve the derriere you want. Treatments are spaced in 4-6 week intervals.

An initial volume increase can be seen, and this is caused by the sterile water used to suspend the Sculptra particles. During the second day or so, your body naturally absorbs this water, and the Poly-L-lactic acid takes over and triggers collagen growth.

Massage the treated area for about five days after the procedure. Massage will ensure the Sculptra is distributed evenly throughout your buttocks and will help give you a fuller and more contoured appearance. Sculptra injections for your buttocks will last up to three years. Follow-up injections are suggested.


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