PRP for Beards Scottsdale, AZ

PRP for Beards Scottsdale, AZ

PRP treatments may be the answer to a better, thicker, and stronger beard. PRP treatments stimulate hair growth, slow hair loss, and increase the hair follicles’ nutrient supply. Growth factors signal the stem cells surrounding each hair in the beard. PRP increases the production of the cells to develop more building blocks for each hair.

PRP treatment for the beard works the same way as PRP treatments for your face. Blood is drawn through a regular blood test, the blood is centrifuged, and different components are separated. The plasma from the blood is injected shallowly directly into your skin. The treatment can take about 90 minutes, and three to four treatments are recommended.
PRP does not create new hair follicles; it only treats your existing hair follicles. Call us to examine your beard to determine where the hair follicles are and if we can treat them using PRP.

We recommend 3-4 treatments with four weeks in between. We also suggested follow-up treatments every 2 to 3 months. You will see a stronger and fuller beard within those 2-3 months.

To explore Men’s Beard restoration with PRP and how it can help you look as good as you feel, call the office or make an appointment online today.


Amniotic Allograft for Beards

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Similar to using amniotic allograft for hair regrowth, using amniotic allograft for beards involves platelets taken from your blood mixed with stem-cell rich amniotic tissue. The tissues and the platelets are injected into your face to stimulate beard growth.

Allografts are non-surgical beard and hair restoration treatments. Amniotic tissues in the allograft contain growth factor proteins, secretomes, collagen, cytokines, hyaluronic acid and are rich in anti-inflammatory factors. Growth factors in amniotic fluid stimulate cellular activity and tissue growth. Growth factors stimulate a variety of connective tissues and cell types.

To find out if Amniotic Allograft for Beards is right for you, call the office or make an appointment online today.


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