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Tetra C02 Laser with CoolPeel®

Fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing is now available at Method Aesthetics for fast results and less recovery time. The SmartXide Tetra CO2 Laser provides many treatments that also include a CoolPeel® treatment.


Providers select the power, density, and pulse duration patients need for optimal treatments. Tetra CO2 laser provides treatment for:


  • Brown spots
  • Pigment
  • Fine lines
  • Scars
  • Acne scars
  • Sunspots and wrinkles


Significant benefits of the SmartXide Tetra CO2 include more control for the provider. It also has more scanning patterns than its predecessor. The SmartXide TetraCO2 offers CoolPeel® for treatment around the eyes. It also offers a one-week surface ablation of wrinkles. SmartXide Tetra CO2 gives the provider the ability to deliver treatments with precision. SmartXide Tetra CO2 is a unique CO2 laser for wrinkles, acne scars, dark spots, sunspots, and many more skin issues.

There are four pulse modes and PSD™ technology that gives total control over the pulse shape. The Tetra SmartXide laser features three fractional pulse modes, including:


  • SP (Smart Pulse)
  • DEKA Pulse
  • HP (High Pulse)
  • CW mode


Providers have complete control over the device’s handpiece. This control eliminates the need to use a touchscreen display. The GUI is modernized with the ability to make changes that conform to patient conditions and anatomy. There is an innovative spray mode that minimizes the pattern overlap while maximizing the speed of treatment. These controls are unique to the Tetra laser.

Tetra-with-CoolPeel Scottsdale AZ
The Tetra CO2 laser is the only technology with a CoolPeel that leverages the exclusive H-Pulse or a high-peak-power short pulse delivering an ablative treatment that does not cause thermal damage to the skin. With no thermal damage, downtime is minimized, and at the same time, the system gives impressive superficial skin-resurfacing results. CoolPeel improves:


  • Sun damage
  • Pore size
  • Skin Texture
  • Fine lines

How does Botox work?

Botox is one of the top aesthetic treatments available today. So many people choose this treatment because it’s extremely effective at smoothing out those unwanted wrinkles that can make you look aged. With just a small amount of Botox, we diminish the strength of the muscle under your wrinkle, smoothing the wrinkle above. You leave the appointment looking and feeling rejuvenated.

At Method Aesthetics Scottsdale, We offer Botox injections as well as injections of Dysport® — a similar treatment containing the same active ingredient. Both options work to smooth wrinkles and lines by easing and relaxing the muscles that cause them.

What’s more, Botox is a quick, 10-minute treatment with minimal downtime. You can continue on with your day immediately after — looking your best.

What does Botox treat?

At Method Aesthetics Scottsdale, We provide Botox to treat the wrinkles and fine facial lines that are caused by facial expressions. Specifically, strategically placed Botox or Dysport injections can treat:

  • Crow’s feet next to your eyes
  • Frown lines between your brows
  • Forehead lines

These wrinkles are called dynamic wrinkles. They appear over time, the more you move your muscles. For example, wrinkles can develop as a result of repeated muscle contractions from frowning, squinting, or raising your eyebrows.

Botox is able to reach beneath the surface to temporarily reduce the muscle activity responsible for the resulting lines and wrinkles, smoothing your expression and turning back the clock for your skin.

What is the recovery period like after Botox?

Many patients are surprised to learn that recovering from Botox is very fast. In fact, you can go back to your typical daily routine immediately after you leave Method Aesthetics Scottsdale. We just ask that you avoid exercise, lying down, pushing on the areas, getting eyelash extensions, or other facial treatments for the rest of the day. Sometimes bruising or swelling does occur.

You might notice some improvement right away, but it takes 24-48 hours to begin to see the initial effects of your Botox-Dysport injections and up to two weeks to notice the full effects. If you experience complications beyond discomfort near the injection site, a mild headache, or other side effects that we describe to you, be sure to call Method Aesthetics Scottsdale as soon as they appear. In most cases, though, side effects are minimal and dissipate quickly.

If wrinkles are making you look older, more tired, or harsher than you feel, don’t hesitate to ask us about Botox or Dysport. Call Method Aesthetics Scottsdale or reserve an appointment using the online booking tool today.

Am I a candidate for Dysport?

We might decide that you’re a candidate for Dysport injections if you:

  • Are over 18
  • Are under 65
  • Don’t have any nerve conditions
    If you have a condition that prevents you from getting Dysport safely, We can help you review other treatment options that may be a better fit. We are committed to helping you find the right option to smooth your wrinkles and help your skin look vibrant and youthful. If you’d like to see fewer lines on your face with carefully placed Dysport, call Method Aesthetics Scottsdale or book an appointment online today. You can expect the same recovery with Dysport as you can with Botox. BOOK NOW

Jeuveau-Xeomin Scottsdale, AZ

Xeomin Scottsdale, AZ

Xeomin was FDA approved in 2010 to treat glabellar lines, as well as other conditions. It can help temporarily rid you of frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet around your eyes. It also treats excessive drooling and abnormal muscle contraction in the neck, eyelids, or limbs.
It is a neurotoxin like Botox and promotes smoother, younger-looking skin.
Both cosmetic preparations are effective treatments. They are relatively convenient and start working once they are injected into the muscle. You may not see the full effect until seven to 14 days after injection, however.
It has been found to work faster and last longer than Botox, and a licensed injector must inject both neurotoxins. There are no generic versions available since Xeomin is a biological drug. However, it is less expensive than Botox and tends to last longer.

To explore more and how it can help you look as good as you feel, call Method Aesthetics Scottsdale or book your appointment online today.

How does Jeuveau Work?

Jeuveau is injected in small doses into the face’s underlying muscles to paralyze the muscular functions responsible for wrinkles. Like Botox, Jeuveau helps create smooth and furrow-free skin. It is produced a bit differently than Botox, but with the same attention to quality.

How does Xeomin Work?

Xeomin contains botulinum toxin type A, which is a neurotoxin produced by a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. This neurotoxin blocks neuromuscular signals to relax targeted muscles are the injection sites. Xeomin and Botox contain the same active ingredients, but they are used and formulated a bit differently. Xeomin is a “naked” form of botulinum tox and contains no protein additive like Botox. The purified structure of Xeomin helps prevent anti-body resistance. Xeomin can be stored at room temperature or in a refrigerator before use. Botox needs to be stored in a refrigerator before using it.

What Happens During and after Jeuveau Treatments?

Jeuveau is administered with tiny needles and is relatively painless. After your treatment, do avoid strenuous activity and alcohol for at least 24 hours. Try not to rub or massage the skin around the injection site. Jeuveau treatment results begin in as little as 2 to 3 days, and the most dramatic results are visible after 10 to 14 days.

What Happens During and after Xeomin Treatments?

Wrinkles will start to fade within three to four days after your Xeomin treatment, and complete results will be apparent within 30 days.


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