The Botox Party Method

We are now offering the Botox party method.
Gather your friends and host a Botox party at your house. We also offer in-office Botox parties. We will shut down the spa for you and your guest and set up a table of goodies. It can be just because or for an event or occasion. Botox parties are great for bridal parties, bachelorette parties, and break-up parties, and more.


Here is how it works-

The host of the party will invite as many people as they wish. The more the invites/guest spend on Botox and filler, the more the host will get. The host will receive 40 units of Botox for free just for hosting the event but can get much more depending on what the guests spend. As the host, you could end up getting all your Botox and filler for free or at a massive discount.


What we supply

The Method will bring a goodie bag for each guest full of goodies, including skincare and other home maintenance products. Each goodie bag will also have a 20% off card for their first visit to method Aesthetics. We will also provide 20% off any packages purchased at the Botox party for future use.
1 bottle of Champagne
And of course, Botox and filler


There is a minimum spend of $2000 for the whole party and a deposit of $500 for the event. The $500 will be applied to the spend or returned to the host at the end of the party.

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