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There are various reasons to consider the benefits of Tetra CO2 Laser Resurfacing, ranging from changes in skin quality to the formation of visible imperfections on the skin. The recuperation period required with these treatments, on the other hand, has historically made them seem like more bother than they were worth.

The Tetra CO2 laser, on the other hand, does not operate in this manner. As a result of this innovative and adaptable approach, high degrees of skin resurfacing can be achieved with exceptionally minimum downtime – often lasting no more than three days. Skincare providers can typically tailor your treatment to your skin, your goals, and the amount of time you want to be off work.

Laser skin resurfacing with CO2 lasers is widely considered the gold standard for healing wrinkles, age spots, scars, and other skin imperfections firming the skin, and harmonizing the skin’s tone and pigmentation. However, relying on how the laser settings are tuned, these ablative approaches can frequently result in significant downtime. The duration of downtime required following CO2 laser treatment is dependent on several different factors.

What Can Tetra CO2 Treat?

Using Tetra CO2, you can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, irregular pigmentation and redness, dark circles and acne scars, sun damage, dryness, and texture, dark underneath eye circles, and loose skin.

What is the mechanism of action of the Tetra CO2? It is used to remove damaged skin tissue from the skin’s surface while simultaneously stimulating the growth of glowing skin underneath.

Since it has various operational parameters, it is one of the most recent and most sophisticated CO2 technologies available, allowing laser energy suppliers to personalize better the intensity, depth, and form of the laser energy. Because of its unrivaled adaptability, treatments are more consistent and accurate. With this approach, you will maximize your outcomes while minimizing side effects and avoiding unnecessarily long periods of downtime.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of SmartXide Tetra Co2 Laser?


  • In comparison to typical ablative laser therapy, SmartXide treatments need less recovery time and are less uncomfortable. Doctor Ben Behnam, a dermatologic surgeon from Santa Monica, California, states that after having tried different fractional CO2 lasers, he finds SmartXide the most less unpleasant than the others.
  • It may be used to treat sensitive regions such as the neck and décolletage, as well as the face and other body parts.
  • According to experts, it is excellent for addressing the majority of the indications of aging skin.


  • While there is less downtime than with typical CO2 lasers, you will still have redness and swelling for up to 5 days following the procedure.
  • The fact that collagen synthesis must be ramped up takes time, and benefits may not occur for up to four months; you may not experience optimal results for up to 6 months after beginning treatment.

What Is It About The Tetra Laser That Makes It So Unique?

As one of the most recent and technologically sophisticated CO2 technologies available, the Tetra offers a more significant number of operational parameters, allowing clinicians to better control the intensity, depth, and form of laser light delivered. Because of its unrivaled adaptability, treatments are more consistent and accurate, resulting in better results while avoiding side effects and needless downtime.

The SmartXide Tetra CO2 provides the esthetician with greater control than any other CO2 device on the market. For example, it has more scanning sequences than its antecedent, the SmartXide Dot CO2 laser. Whether you’re searching for a CoolPeel® with no recovery time or treatment for the sensitive area all-around your eyes,  this DEKA SmartXide CO2 Laser functionality will allow you to enjoy treatments with unmatched precision and accuracy. Acne scars, creases, dark circles, sun spots, and other conditions can be treated with this one-of-a-kind CO2 laser.

A Tetra Treatment Is Appropriate For What Type Of Candidate?

With Tetra, your physician may tailor your treatment to meet the specific demands of your skin type. A more intensive treatment to cure the deeper appearance of wrinkles, with a week or two of social downtime, or a milder CoolPeelTM laser peel treatment to freshen the skin with little to no downtime are both possible with the Tetra.

When Can You Expect to See Results?

The outcome and recovery duration are dependent on your specific therapy. You should consult with your doctor to determine when you will get the results you seek and how much downtime you anticipate following the procedure.

What is the duration of the effects of a Tetra CO2 laser?

Tetra CO2 laser therapy can provide visible results for several years after the procedure. It is possible to keep results for a more extended time by diligently using SPF+, avoiding sun exposure, and doing a proper at-home skincare routine.

The Downtime for Tetra CO2 Laser

Yes, there is a period of downtime involved with a CO2 laser procedure. Plan on being out in open for 7-10 days to allow your body to recuperate properly. Your skin will scab and peel for 2-7 days following treatment, and it will be pink for 3-4 weeks after that as well. The exact time it takes to heal varies from individual to individual.

How many CO2 treatments will you be required to undergo?

A single CO2 treatment is sufficient for most patients; however, specific individuals with deeper creases or scars may require numerous CO2 sessions to get satisfactory results.

There are hazards connected with a co2 laser therapy, just as with any medical procedure. During your appointment, your provider will evaluate to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for co2 laser therapy. If you encounter any concerning side effects following an IPL treatment, please contact the clinic right once to discuss them.

When Can I Expect to See Results?

The outcome and recovery duration are dependent on your specific therapy. You should consult with your doctor to determine when you will get the results you seek and how much rest time you should anticipate following the procedure.

Method Aesthetics Scottdale is more than happy to assist you with further details and information regarding this treatment. Just book an appointment and talk with the experts regarding Tetra CO2 Laser.

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