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Tetra Co2 Laser offers one of the best lasers that will help you enhance and entirely rejuvenate your skin. Capture the beauty you deserve without any downtime compared to the traditional CO2 lasers. Tetra Co2 uses adaptive skin resurfacing treatments to help you improve all the signs of aging, like those unwanted wrinkles. 

It can also help you cure that uneven texture and sunspots you may be most concerned about. What’s best is that Tetra Co2 lasers work with your aesthetic needs and within your lifestyle! In that sense, you’ll have the best things to work your way as you get that brighter, smoother, and younger-looking skin. 

The good news is that this kind of treatment is now available at Method Aesthetics for less recovery time and faster results! The SmartXide Tetra Co2 Laser gives various treatments involving a CoolPeel treatment. If you’re still new to this therapy, discover Tetra Co2 uses here on this post and know some of its benefits. 

All About Tetra Co2

In usual terms, healthcare providers are the ones who select the density, power, and pulse duration that each patient needs for the best treatment. Tetra CO2 laser gives support for people with: 

  • Fine lines
  • Concerns with pigment
  • Brown spots
  • Scars and acne scars
  • Wrinkles and sunspots 

There are other essential benefits that the Tetra Co2 can give. But the control is more within the provider. The best thing about this treatment is that it has more scanning patterns than the others. As mentioned, it offers a CoolPeel feature that helps you treat the issues around your eyes. 

Tetra Co2 itself also offers a one-week surface ablation of wrinkles. The treatment offers the provider the ability to supply treatments with accuracy with its best uses. That said, you can ensure that all results for your acne scars, dark spots, wrinkle problem will get solved. 

For instance, four pulse modes and PSD technology can give maximum control over the pulse shape. The three pulses mode that the laser feature has included:

  • DEKA Pulse
  • SP (Smart Pulse)
  • CW mode
  • HP (High Pulse)

The providers have complete control over the device. It eliminates the importance of using the touchscreen display. Besides, the device can alter matters that correspond to the patient’s anatomy and conditions. 

There’s also a new and modern spray mode that enables you to minimize the pattern overlap as your physician can optimize therapy speed. These are the best things Tetra Co2 uses.  

Now that we’ve mentioned the CoolPeel, let’s discover more about how the process goes.

What is a CoolPeel?

CoolPeel is the latest and safest way to deliver the good deals of traditional Co2 resurfacing. As stated, you don’t have to go through any downtime for things to be practical. The Tetra laser settings are more convenient for such treatments. All the energy is evenly spread out over several treatment sessions. 

That way, you can see that all the benefits your doctor said will appear promptly. But you must also be aware of what you must avoid for a fast and easy recovery. After the whole procedure, your family and friends will see a more radiant and glowing new you! 

How Does it Differ?

For years, Co2 lasers have been the gold standard in skin resurfacing. Thus, the twist comes with traditional Co2 lasers being the most accurate results. But it will take you weeks to months to heal. You can assure that things will work out the best way, depending on your healthcare provider. 

It would be best to choose someone who can help you with your goals even after the procedure. You can set an appointment with your trusted provider for some reasonable expectations. Again, there’s no need for any downtime within this process so that you can go back to your usual routine after the entire method. 

How Do Things Work? 

The Tetra Co2 gives laser energy to your skin. But you don’t have to worry as this works in a specific and controlled way. So, instead of healing one hundred percent of your skin in a single session, the method works by treating a percentage of your skin. 

So, you can expect that the skin will leave intact skin on your body. These untreated skin will help you recover fast from Tetra Co2. And with over several sessions, your face will gradually get resurfaced. 

When the CoolPeel energy gets placed on your skin, the treated areas encourage your skin to produce new collagen in several layers. Also, structural components of your skin like the elastin get tightened for its benefits in the long term. 

Your provider will be in control of the outcome of the Tetra Co2 laser to provide higher energy customizing the treatment for your goals.

Are You The Best Candidate? 

A good candidate for the Tetra Co2 Laser is those individuals aiming to lessen the appearance of sun damage and fine lines. Patients who also seek to minimize their pores and improve their skin are the ideal candidate for the procedure. 

If you wish to make your skin healthier, brighter, and younger, then this is the treatment that you deserve. Thus, if you have darker baselines and skin tone, you might need to get assessed first by your physician. 

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

The whole treatment can be from 5 to 20 minutes only. 

Will There Be An Anesthesia?

You won’t be needing any Anesthesia or Localized numbing for this treatment. But your healthcare provider may use some numbing cream to help you get that maximum comfort you need. 

Returning to Skincare Routine

After the treatment, it would be best to keep your skin hydrated. Take note that you must avoid some products for fast recovery. Ensure to talk about this matter with your provider for the best post-treatment care. 

Choosing The Best Provider

While many healthcare providers are around, understanding your provider’s term will help you get the best goals for yourself. Take note to get some evaluation or assessment first for your safety. Nonetheless, good luck with your journey, and may you achieve your desired aesthetic targets!

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