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There are a lot of anti-aging products on the market, and they all say they can turn back the hands of time. This makes it hard to sort through all the options to find the best one for your goals.

At Method Aesthetics Scottdale, one of our goals is to do your research for you. This lets us give you the best anti-aging tools on the market. And Sculptra Aesthetic is a tool we’re delighted to offer our clients. 

This dermal filler is different from the others because it fixes more than one problem at once, so the results look natural and last. Check out how Sculptra can help you transform into a better you in this blog!


Sculptra is one of the most underused ways to make your face look younger. Many people think it’s a filler. The truth is that Sculptra is made of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) and is an FDA-approved injectable that helps the body produce collagen over time. 

Sculptra is often used to treat the cause of aging and fix mild to severe wrinkles on the face. It is a beautiful and effective way to boost collagen all over the face. In contrast, fillers are usually used to treat specific areas.

Traditional collagen stimulators are applied to the skin and are too big to get into the dermis. Sculptra, on the other hand, works inside the deep dermis to get collagen production going again. 

As the PLLA microparticles are absorbed, collagen strands are slowly rebuilt. This adds volume to the face and smooths out wrinkles and folds that are already there.

Here are the many great things about using Sculptra as part of your anti-aging routine.

Tested & Proven

One of the most exciting things about Sculptra is that the FDA first approved it in 2004 to treat HIV-related lipoatrophy. Simplest of all, lipoatrophy is the loss of fat in certain places, like the face. This is a common side effect of HIV and other diseases.

This treatment also helped HIV patients get rid of the thin look many had, giving them a glimpse of better health. Based on its success in this area, the FDA approved Sculptra Aesthetic in 2009 to fix shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds. 

The good news is that in cosmetics today, 88% of people are happy with Sculptra. So, it is also your chance to experience its good results!

Best & Natural Approach

Most fillers for the skin do two things: fill in deep lines and add volume. They use a lot of different things, like hyaluronic acid and collagen made from pigs, to do this.

On the other hand, Sculptra has a chemical called poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), which makes collagen grow. This means that instead of filling in deep lines with something from the outside, Sculptra works with your body to rebuild the structure of your skin from the inside.

Collagen and its opposite, elastin, are the two proteins that give your skin its elasticity and tone. As you get older, your body naturally stops making as much collagen, which causes your skin to sag and folds to form. 

By that, you make more collagen with Sculptra; your body rebuilds the collagen fibers that give your facelift and volume. This kind of inside job method gives excellent results that look natural because they are natural.

Doing The Unusual

Sculptra’s effects last longer than those of many other dermal fillers. Since Sculptra makes your body more collagen, the effects won’t disappear after a few months. Many of our clients have been happy with the results for up to two years.

It would help if you were more patient because the Sculptra process takes a little longer. After all, it works with your body, and your body moves at its own pace. Most of the time, experts suggest three Sculptra injections spread out over a few months. 

This gives your body time to start rebuilding your skin from the inside. As you get more injections, you’ll see results gradually, but the wait will be worth it because the results are natural and will last for a long time.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you’d like to use Sculptra as part of your anti-aging routine. You can also set up an appointment using the online scheduling page.

Sculptra Fighting the Signs of Aging

Again, the main ingredient in Sculptra is poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). PLLA works with the body to rebuild collagen that has been lost. Collagen is essential for the health and look of your skin, so when your skin makes more collagen, it looks and feels firmer.

We mentioned how Sculptra helps the skin make more collagen to keep its shape better. Sculptra is put on the skin in three or four treatments over a few months. This is different from other dermal fillers. 

This slow release of PLLA into the skin increases volume in a way that can be seen and has effects that last longer than two years. As we then say, the treatment is also slow, natural, and long-lasting. 

Sculptra stands out because it gives results that last. It is a great way to slow the aging process. It works much better than collagen creams, supplements, and other less effective methods. Our doctors at Method Aesthetics Scottdale help you find the signs of aging on your face that you want to soften or get rid of. 

With the help of our team, you can get a customized Sculptra treatment that will make you look and feel younger over time. Call today at 602-810-8707 to set up your first appointment and look years younger. 

We have solutions for your tear gullies, cheeks, and neck, and treatments to correct your worries usually last for 15 minutes. The good thing is that you can also see results immediately, lasting between six and 18 months. 

Don’t worry; when it comes to most treatments, a topical anesthetic is put on the skin about 20 minutes before the injection, so the process isn’t too painful. Come closer and pay the best for yourself to get the ideal treatment your skin deserves. 

What are you waiting for? We also have KybellaMicroneedling, and IV therapy that you can try to get the most out of every treatment benefit. We hope to see you here around our clinic! 

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